05/2016: This Brave New World: India, China and the United States

09/2011:  American Interests in South Asia: Building a Grand Strategy in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India

09/2000:  Keeping the Edge: Managing Defense for the Future

Media Interviews/Commentary/Video:

6/2018: Bloomberg Markets interview with Shery Ahn  / North Korea Summit

6/2018: Fox News: Your World with Neil Cavuto / North Korea Summit

4/2017: Nutanix .Next Conference 2017 / Cube Interview with Anja Manuel

 11/2017: MSNBC Andrea Mitchell: Trump’s Trip to Asia

11/2017: Bloomberg Markets Balance of Power: Trump’s Trip to Asia

10/2017: MSNBC Morning Joe: Diplomatic Efforts with North Korea on ‘Last Legs.’

8/2017: Bloomberg TV: North Korea / President Trump Says All North Korea Options are Open

6/2017: Fox News: The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton

4/2017: Bloomberg live interview with Daybreak Americas: Push China but don’t Blow Up the Entire Relationship

4/2017:  MSNBC interview with Morning Joe

4/2017:  NBC Interview with Andrea Mitchell

5/2016: - Fox Business: Is the Migrant Crisis Creating a Political Shift in Europe?  

5/2016: BBC World News interview with anchor Laura Trevelyan

6/2016: Charlie Rose: This Brave New World; with Anja Manuel and Charlie Rose

6/2016: The Strategy Bridge: Engaging China and India: A Conversation with Anja Manuel

6/2016: Kamla Show: Anja Manuel on China, India and the USA

2/2014: Al-Jazeera Network: Afghanistan elections

5/2013: Stanford scholars: Lessons learned from the Afghanistan War

Radio Interviews:

8/2017: Bloomberg Radio: Draconian Visa Restrictions For Chinese Students a Mistake

4/2018: Bloomberg Daybreak Asia: Washington Scrambling to Get Ready For Korea Summit

10/2017: Bloomberg Radio: China - Belt and Road Far Bigger than The Marshall Plan

3/2017: Bloomberg Radio - Daybreak Asia

10/2016: US India Business Council Podcast - A Conversation with Anja Manuel

10/2016:  Hsu United - Anja Manuel and This Brave New World

7/2016: The Rich Dad Radio Show - The Northwest Spiral

6/2016: KQED Radio - Anja Manuel Explores India's Role as a Force for Democracy in 'This Brave New World.' 

5/2016: MPR Marketplace - Getting our Relationships with China and India "right" 

5/2016: KERA/ Think - America’s Relationship with China and India

5/2016: WNYC Radio - The Brian Lehrer Show: Embracing the Rise of China and India

1/2014: KQED - Working Towards Syrian Peace

8/2013: KQED - Syria: A Red Line is Crossed

7/2011: KQED broadcasting of WAC speech -  U.S.-Pakistan Relations at a Turning Point

Written Articles / Reviews:

9/2018: The Atlantic: It's Not Too Late to Prevent a Russia-China Axis

8/2018: Remembering John McCain

8/2018: Foreign Policy:  America Needs a Blockchain Strategy ASAP

07/2018: The Atlantic: Chinese Tech Isn’t the Enemy

11/2017: CNAS: U.S.-China Trade: A Balanced Approach

11/2017: Time Magazine: How Trump’s Tax Plan Hurts the People Who Elected Him

10/2017: The Atlantic: China Is Quietly Reshaping the World

07/2016: Washington Times / Book Review - This Brave New World: China India and the United States

05/2016: SF Chronicle - ‘This Brave New World,’ by Anja Manuel

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04/2016: The New York Times - Tackling Graft in India

10/ 2016:  Business Today: The Balancing Act

10/2016: Democracy & Dictatorship: Power Shifts in Asia and Role of U.S.

9/2016: Hindustan Times: Bulls in the China Shop

09/ 2016: Hindustan Times: Review of This Brave New World: India, China, the United States

07/2016: GE Reports - China's Growth Rates will Rival India's for Years to Come

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05/2016: Fortune - China's Economy Will Be More Competitive Than India's For Many Years

05/2016: The Atlantic - How to Manage a Rising Power - or Two

05/2016: ABC News - Apple CEO Tim Cook Hails Taxi During Chinese Publicity Push

04/2016: Reuters- What to Read into a Growing Alliance Between China and Pakistan

02/2016: CIRSD - The New India - A South Asian Great Game?

12/2015: Reuters -  Three Ways China is Finally Taking its Seat at the Table

09/2014 The New York Times: ISIS Won’t Be Defeated, Until the Syrian War Ends

09/2014: Reuters - Why Work with India’s New Leader? It’s the Economy, Stupid

06/2014: Reuters - How and why the U.S. Must Support Iraq

04/2014: Reuters - Afghanistan Votes on its Future

04/2014:  Foreign Policy -  Let Me Down Easy. The United States Slashing Afghanistan Military and Civilian Aid

03/2014: Reuters - The Nuclear Option for Emerging Markets

01/2014: Reuters - Is there a ‘Right’ Path for the U.S. in Syria

8/2013: (Al-Jazeera)  US Military Ready for Syria Strike, Awaits Obama’s Order

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05/2013: Reuters - Impressions of a Pakistan Election Monitor

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02/2011: Fortune -  India Won't Outpace China Without a Few Miracles

11/2010: Foreign Policy -  Weak Ties ? The US-India Economic Relationship

11/2010:  The New York Times - Higher Savings, Higher Investment

07/2002:  Foreign Affairs - A New Model Afghan Army


Nov 2016: CloudFlare Internet Summit: What It Takes to Provide Internet to Every Person on Earth

06/2016: Commonwealth Club - Anja Manuel: India and China, the New Superpowers

06/2016: World Affairs Council - Engage | India and China: This Century's Rising Powers

05/2016: 92 Y - Inside the New Superpowers: China, India and What’s Next for the United States - Robert Gates in conversation with Anja Manuel

05/2016: NCUSCR - China and the World: India

05/2016: C-SPAN Book Discussion on This Brave New World with Anja Manuel and Stephen Hadley

05/ 2016:  Atlantic Council - This Brave New World: A Conversation with Anja Manuel

Moderated Events:

09/ 2015: World Affairs Council -  Congressman Adam Schiff: Iran, ISIS and Other Challenges: A View From the House Intelligence Committee

03/2015:  World Affairs Council -  Vali R. Nasr: Opportunities and Uncertainties in the Middle East

11/2014: World Affairs Council -  Pakistan and the US: An Alliance of Misunderstandings

10/2014: World Affairs Council - Richard Olson: The US–Pakistan Relationship: What Does the Future Hold?  

07/2014:  World Affairs Council - A Conversation with The Honorable David Miliband

09/2013: World Affairs Council - Kenneth Pollack: Responding to a New Iranian Leader

02/2013: World Affairs Council - Keith Alexander: Perspectives on Cybersecurity

11/ 2012: World Affairs Council - Tamim Ansary on Shedding Light on Afghanistan

08/2012: World Affairs Council -  US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond T. Odierno on America's Army: The Strength of the Nation

03/2012: World Affairs Council - Karl Eikenberry and Retired US Army Lt. General Michael O'Hanlon: The End of War in Afghanistan: A Turning Point in US Foreign Policy?

07/2011: World Affairs Council - US-Pakistan Relations at a Turning Point

11/2011: Four O'clock Forum - US-India: Doing Business Together